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Braille Translator [ English to Braille Converter ]

Braille is a set of codes that helps the blind to read with their fingers or the people who have less vision. The people who don't have such disability read Braille with their eyes. Braille is a system based on code, we can't call it a language. It helps to read other languages like French, Arabic, English, etc. It can also be read and written in these languages. It can be studied in different countries in their native language, and it helps to improve literacy. In this study, we will know the Braille uses, history, and features.

History of Braille Translator

Braille is known for writing and reading features used by blind people, It has been in use since 1829, Louis Braille invented this, he was a French blind person. He created this for visually impaired people so that they can read and write and can gain knowledge.

They make them able to gain education as everybody else, he makes them able to live in a society confidentially and can take part in any consequence. The system consists of dots that make a code, which the reader can read as a word with the use of a finger. With the fingers, the user can touch and feel the raised dots that make sense to him. Each letter has its own set of dots, that create a code for a word and sentence. When each letter of a word is represented in Braille, then it is called contracted Braille. In this system, cells are used to create code individually or combine to make a whole word or contraction.

Role of Braille Translator

Braille Translator is a tool that translates English text to Braille. Braille translation is used to understand the communication of blind people. The two types of Braille are Grade 1 and Grade 2 in Braille code. The translator provides a simple and easy way to know the code fast. This is the way that enables humans to understand each other languages with disability. Several tools are used to help humanity like we have a sign Language translator for deaf people.

Two Types of Braille

Grade 1

Grade 1 Braille or Uncontracted Braille is used by beginners who need more experience in understanding it. It uses the same punctuation and letters as Grade 2. For example, I like computer.

Grade 2

Grade two Braille or Contracted Braille is used for people who are experienced in using Braille code. It uses a series of special signs or a combination of dots, to represent words, this makes the code short. For example, I {like} {com}put{er}.

Benefits of Convert Text to Braille

Braille is not easy to understand by anyone, but the translator helps people who want to engage with blind people by allowing them to translate text into Braille. There is a grade 1 braille and a grade 2 braille. That helps according to a person's experience.

  • Accessibility: Braille translator is a simple way to convert text into a braille code system, it is accessible to the people who can't see, and it allows them to read and understand the text through touch.

  • Independence: By translating text into braille and braille to text, people who are blind can read and write easily, and have information independently without the need of anybody.

  • Education: It is an essential tool for learning braille, there are special foundations that help blind people learn with this tool, individually they can use and develop literacy skills and get an education. We have binary and Shakespearean translators for learning purposes.

  • Communication: Braille translation helps people communicate, the people who can write and read Braille can interact with others through this translator.

  • Empowerment: This system helps individuals to engage with the other world, and empowers them to live independent lives.


English text to Braille translator is an online free tool that enables blind people to communicate with others via writing and reading. If someone wants to know the braille code letter-by-letter, this method of translating text may help with that. Copy and paste the note you want braille for, and it will give you the entire code. There is a combination of letters due to which it is divided into two types grade one and grade two braille. The translator improving day by day to make it well for the people. There are software and tools from where you can download the full page of braille code. You can write with a combination of two words and can edit the word that is replaced by one character. We are offering many translators, later we will have more in function.

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